Driven Grouse Shooting

There can be few other days in the sporting calendar, which hold such sway over the game shooting fraternity as 12 August. “The Twelfth” heralds the start of the Grouse shooting season and for many ends what has probably been almost 8 months of anticipation for this most revered of all the sporting game birds.

The Red Grouse is a solely indigenous species of bird to Great Britain, flying at up to 80 mph and as often as not hugging the contours of the heather moorland they inhabit, they represent what is considered by most to be the ultimate in driven shooting.

The Red Grouse is reddish brown its tail is black and the legs are visibly white. There are white stripes on the under wing and red combs over the eye. Females are less reddish than the males and have less conspicuous combs. Young birds are duller and lack the red combs.

Red Grouse has one attribute that adds an extra element to its desirability – the unpredictability of their numbers. The Red Grouse is totally wild and the stock of birds cannot be augmented by reared birds in any shape or form. They can be well keepered and their habitat encouraged, but environmental factors beyond anyone’s control can and do account for the huge fluctuations in their numbers. What may be a vintage season with record bags one year may well be a disaster the following. This unpredictability means that when an opportunity arises or an invitation is given it is for many the shooting equivalent of a golden ticket.

Grouse are seen as the ‘King’ of sporting birds and a driven Grouse day is not one you are likely to forget in a hurry.

Driven shooting is the means by which the bulk of grouse days are conducted; a large team of beaters being used to sweep in a sizeable stretch of moorland and drive the birds towards a line of guns. Guns are positioned in butts that are spaced 20-35 yards apart and are often sunken into the moorland to keep their profile as low as possible. Although butts may be placed in gullies with the grouse crossing high overhead, as often as not the birds will be flying at head height, appearing in coveys of 20 or more with little or no warning. It is not uncommon for days to be double-gun to maximise the shooting opportunities. 

Scotland plays host to the majority of Grouse Moors in the country of Great Britain. Grouse occupy the heather moorland in Scotland from the borders up past Inverness at the furthest northerly point. To many, Scotland is seen as the correct fit to shoot Grouse. Its an iconic bird to Scotland, the numbers of Grouse shot in Scotland probably aren’t a many as Northern England but the scenery and topography makes it a must for all Grouse enthusiast.

Northern England is seen as the ‘mecca’ for large driven Grouse days, the moors in Northern England are heavily keepered which allows Grouse numbers to grow year on year. With moors such as Wemmergill, Gunnerside and Allenheads it is easy to see why Grouse enthusiast migrate to Northern England on the 12th August. 

VT Sporting will cater for all your needs on the days shooting to the duration of your trip with us, from your arrival in the UK or at the shoot until your departure, from either the estate or airport.

If you would like to visit a shooting school, buy clothing, gun purchase, choose the loads in your cartridges or decide on the wine for lunch, we can organize all your requirements prior to the day and most certainly during the day itself.  

Services provided –


– Travel

– 4 x 4s

– Catering

– Guns

– Cartridges

– Licenses

– Permits

– Photography

– Clothing and shooting Kit

If you do not see something on the list that you would need for your trip we will certainly be able to make sure it is available. 

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