Driven Partridge Shooting in the United Kingdom

Driven Partridge shooting offers a wildly different experience to driven Pheasant shooting. The Partridge unlike the Pheasant lives on open stubble fields and in cover crops rather than in woodland.    Driven Partridge shooting normally takes place over rolling down land rather than the more traditional wooded valleys of a Pheasant Shoot.

The Partridge flies slower than Pheasants but they are much smaller and a lot more maneuverable. When you find yourself tucked under a hedge with covey after covey of partridge star busting overhead you will under stand the draw and attraction of Partridge shooting.

The season for Partridge in the UK runs from the 1st September to the 1st February.

We also offer some quality Partridge shooting in Spain

The Grey Partridge is a rotund bird, brown-backed, with grey flanks and chest, with a distinctive Orange head. The Grey Partridge was shot heavily during the 1800’s and early 1900’s until the change in agriculture saw its reduction in numbers throughout the UK. In the early years Grey partridges were mostly shot walked up until the turn off the century when driven became more common practice. You will never forget shooting Grey Partridges as they are the most iconic, native, British game bird
Introduced for its resilience and easy breeding, the French Partridge has become a common sight on the shooting scene. French partridges unlike Grey Partridges can be shot like Pheasants off high hills and valleys, but, are equally at home on the flatlands of Norfolk and Lincolnshire.

It is another rotund bird, with a light brown back, grey breast and buff belly. The face is white with a black gorget. It has rufous-streaked flanks and red legs – hence its’ being commonly known as a ‘Red Leg’.  

There are really two types of ways to shoot Driven Partridges; firstly and most traditionally guns were stood close to a high hedge so as to be concealed. Once the birds and guns encountered each other these fast and agile birds would ‘star burst’ giving guns fast, exhilarating shooting. Days like these are commonly found on the flat lands of Norfolk and Lincolnshire, there are many famous estates that provide fantastic Driven Partridge shooting Holkham and Rothwell to name but a few.

However over the last few years Partridges have been shot just like Pheasants over valleys and on steep and undulating terrain. These Driven Partridges can provide some fantastic sport and challenge even some of the greatest shots. Linhope, Whitfield, Ashcombe and Prescombe are some of the great shoots available that offer theses high challenging Driven Partridges.

VT Sporting will cater for all your needs on the days shooting to the duration of your trip with us, from your arrival in the UK or at the shoot until your departure, from either the estate or airport.

If you would like to visit a shooting school, buy clothing, gun purchase, choose the loads in your cartridges or decide on the wine for lunch, we can organize all your requirements prior to the day and most certainly during the day itself.

Services provided –


– Travel

– 4 x 4s

– Catering

– Guns

– Cartridges

– Licenses

– Permits

– Photography

– Clothing and shooting Kit

If you do not see something on the list that you would need for your trip we will certainly be able to make sure it is available. 

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