Pheasant Shooting in the United Kingdom

The Pheasant has fast become a symbol for shooting throughout the UK, not just its size, or beauty, but its sporting capability. The pheasant is not a native bird to the UK, however introduced by the Romans and originating from Asia. Pheasant shooting has the unique ability to last in the memory of every field sport enthusiast; whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned shot. More recently we have seen a trend of shooting higher and higher pheasants, many an experienced shot venturing down to Devon and up to Northumberland to take on the ‘extreme’ pheasant drives of well known estates. But whether you are in the fields of the Fens, Parkland, or indeed the valleys of Devon you will be in for an experience you will never forget.

Pheasant Shooting in the UK – West Country

The West Country with its steep V shaped valleys is the home of stratospherically high Partridge and Pheasants. If you find yourself standing at the bottom of a West Country woodland valley then you had better have come prepared with your A game.

Shoots like Mollands, Chargot and Castle Hill are all names that echo around the homes of the high bird specialists. Heavy loads are a must when shooting in these prime locations that are synonymous with the best pheasant and partridge shooting in Britain.

As well as the better known shoots, the Exmoor area offers up a good selection of shoots that are not as well-known but offer excellent sport at a reasonable price. All boast idyllic scenery to which people return to shoot year upon year, from far and wide. Access to the West Country is easy with major hubs like Bristol and Exeter providing rail and air links to all the major UK cities and the European mainland.

Pheasant Shooting in the UK – The South

The South and the Home Counties offer up a good selection of mixed Pheasant and Partridge shooting for those that are looking for good quality, easily accessible shooting. Here you will find an abundance of desirable sporting venues that feature on every sportsman’s wish list.

With names like Linkenholt, Ashcombe, Yattendon, Rushmore and Faccombe, it is easy to understand why Southern England can hold its own against all other destinations. Collectively these estates have carved out a remarkable reputation for showing sporting birds of the best kind.

Most of the better shoots in the South of England are located to the west of London. The M4 and M3 provide good access to these areas and there is some fantastic shooting to be had as close as 1 hours drive from central London if you know where to look.

Pheasant Shooting in the UK – The North

The North of England is quite rightly known best for its grouse moors, but it is also a Mecca for the high bird enthusiast. With more than enough big names under its belt like Ravenswick, Linhope, Duncombe Park, Whitfield and Chipchase; it is a destination that is certainly worth a visit.

With magnificent and dramatic topography, belts of coniferous woodland, rocky ridgelands and rolling grasslands, the North offers you not only some of the best shooting to be had in the UK, but also stunning locations in which to experience it. Studley Royal on a Friday is a Venantium favourite. Set amongst the ruins of Fountains Abbey this shooting location takes some beating in terms of beauty.

With mainline rail and airport links between London and Newcastle, as well as York, the Northern half of England is easily accessible. Alternatively it is only a 3.5 hour drive from the London area.

Pheasant Shooting in the UK – Scotland

Scotland has some of this UK’s finest shooting with famous estates and houses opening their doors to guests from around the globe. We can offer driven and walked up days, we also have excellent packages offering a mixture of both driven and walked up.

Scotland is world renowned for its grouse shooting, driven pheasants, wildfowling and more recently partridge shooting. Naturally Scotland has the topography to produce extremely sporting birds in the most stunning locations.

Scotland is easy to get to with international airports Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Inverness, Rail links to London and by car the A9 will take you to the northern point of Scotland.

VT Sporting will cater for all your needs on the days shooting to the duration of your trip with us, from your arrival in the UK or at the shoot until your departure, from either the estate or airport.

If you would like to visit a shooting school, buy clothing, gun purchase, choose the loads in your cartridges or decide on the wine for lunch, we can organize all your requirements prior to the day and most certainly during the day itself.

Services provided –


– Travel

– 4 x 4s

– Catering

– Guns

– Cartridges

– Licenses

– Permits

– Photography

– Clothing and shooting Kit

If you do not see something on the list that you would need for your trip we will certainly be able to make sure it is available.

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