Partridge Shooting in Spain

Driven partridge shooting in Spain features at the top of many peoples’ sporting bucket lists. A combination of the weather, scenery, culture and the delicious cuisine make for a very unique and memorable trip.  At VT Sporting we have over 9 years of first hand experience with organising some of the best driven partridge shooting that Spain has to offer.

Access to Spain from the UK could not be easier, from most UK airports there are daily flights to Spain. The estates that we operate within Spain mainly utilise Madrid-Barajas Airport with guests often staying for a night in the fun and vibrant Madrid either before or after their shoot.

When you come and talk to VTSporting about Partridge Shooting in Spain we will offer experienced impartial advice on which of the high quality driven partridge shooting estates will be suit your requirements as we are not tied to any individual Estates.

Driven partridge shooting in Spain is an altogether different thing to the UK equivalent. Instead of planting cover crops, the shoots rely on the natural flora to hold the birds, resulting in a more natural feel to the drives. Depending on the geographical location of the shoot this consists of ‘lentisco’, ‘romero’ and ‘esparto’ bushes along with olive and cork oak trees.

As well as being able to enjoy the spectacular landscape of the Spanish countryside, a key ingredient to the uniqueness of partridge shooting in Spain is the culture incorporated into the day. A day’s shooting consists of 4-5 drives, and after the first or second drive traditional Spanish tapas is brought to the field. Jamon Iberico (dry cured Spanish ham), chorizo, Spanish omlette, fried calamari, manchego cheese-all washed down by a glass (or two!) of Rioja or Jerez Sherry. A little different to the mug of soup and a sausage for elevenses you might be given here in the UK!

Historically, the Spanish style of driven partridge shooting has always been to present the birds to the guns low and fast. Often the guns are placed in areas of thick bush with a very short horizon, meaning an extreme form of ‘snap shooting’ is the order of the day. Through our extensive first hand experience of many different estates in Spain we are able to provide our clients with any form of shooting they may be after, everything from the ‘Spanish Style’, to extreme birds coming off cliffs or a combination of the two. Every package is tailored to just how your dream trip would be.

Partridge Shooting in Spain – The Lodges

Ciudad Real

This lodge is the cream of the crop in terms of the Spanish Partridge Shooting lodges.  The newly built lodge has been designed to provide guests with the utmost luxury.   The phalanx of uniformed white-gloved staff that will greet you on arrival hints of what lies in wait. The rooms are as majestic as you would expect to find in any top notch sporting lodge, whilst retaining a uniquely homely feel, and were it not for the anticipation of the day’s activities, then prising people from the sumptuous and individually decorated bedrooms would be mission impossible.  Above and beyond the décor and service the lodge also boasts a gym, sauna, pool and a private runway.

Location 2.5 hours south of Madrid.

Toledo Region  

There are very few shooting destinations in the world where you will have the opportunity to stay in quite such magnificent surroundings. This shooting lodge was originally built in the 15th century for wealthy and powerful cardinals from Toledo. Successive generations of the Teba family have enlarged and improved the original building whilst maintaining all of its original grandeur. The ten en-suite bedrooms and staterooms retain their traditional furnishings and historic feel although they have been conservatively modernised to ensure absolute comfort.

Location 1 hours west of Madrid. 

Partridge Shooting in Spain -

The Seasons

The Partridge Shooting season in Spain runs from the beginning of October through to Mid/End of March depending on the region.

The Locations

All of our Partridge shooting Estates in Spain are located in either the region of Castilla La Mancha or Extremadura. with exception of the Wild Partridge Shooting locations which are found in Jerez.   For further information on this please follow this link. 

Partridge Shooting in Spain – General Info

European Firearms Pass
Before you can travel with your sporting firearms to Spain you will have to acquire a European Firearms Pass.  These can be requested from the Firearms Officer at your local police station.   The application must be done in writing and has to contain your shotgun certificate number, serial number, manufacturer and calibre of any guns you may wish to travel with. Please note: This can take up to 28 days to process so please leave plenty of time.

Insurance and Licences
It’s a requirement in Spain to have valid insurance and a licence to shoot in Spain, for us to be able to sort these out for you we will require a copy of your passport and European Firearms Pass.  We will require this information 3 weeks before you travel to ensure that your entry in to Spain goes as smoothly as possible.  Please note: This is required for all the party members that will be shooting.

Travelling with a Sporting Gun
Travelling with a sporting gun does not have to be a painful experience; just make sure that the following rules are stuck to:

–       72 Hours before you depart on your trip, call the airline to declare you will be travelling with a sporting gun.  You will be asked to provide the Serial Number, Manufacture Number and Calibre.

–       Upon arrival at the check in desk declare you are travelling with a sporting firearm

–       Guns must be packed in a suitable locked case, keep the keys on you for security inspections. A gun slip is not a suitable container.

–       Guns must be broken down and unloaded.

–       Guns and Ammunition must be packed in different containers.

–       Always carry your documentation with you.

–       Use your common sense.

If you are travelling to Spain as a resident from within another European Union Country you will be required to have a valid passport but will not require a visa.   If you are coming from outside the EU please check with the Spanish Embassy about visa requirements.   Upon your arrival at the Airport the guns should be delivered to the local police force.  One of our representatives will meet you at the airport to help with to paperwork and clearing the guns with the local police.  Please note: This is how the system is meant to work but sometimes errors are made and the guns end up on the carousel, if this happens you are required by Spanish law to declare your guns to the Police.

Baggage/Gun Case Requirements
Please check with the Airline before you book your flights that they allow travellers to carry their sporting guns. It is also worth finding out from them what their luggage policy is, many airlines will let each passenger‘s check 2 items of luggage on to the flight. Please note: Your shotgun case will be considered one of these bags and they might also charge you extra.  

The Partridge season in Spain runs from 8th October until the 8th February we would advise you to carry a selection of clothes with you on your trip.  The weather is normally clear and sunny throughout the day but it can be rather chilly first thing in the morning.

Clothing and Equipment
Shooting attire in Spain is much more relaxed than in the UK, there is no fixed dress code in the field at Malaguilla.  Guests should wear what they feel most comfortable in, but please ensure that it is green, olive or brown.

Jackets: We would also advise a jacket for first thing in the morning.

Footwear:  We would recommend a good pair of sturdy walking boots as the ideal footwear, the furthest walk from the car to the pegs is about 300 meters.

Glasses:  A decent pair of sunglasses would be handy as the sun can be quite dazzling at times making it hard to see the birds.

Shooting Gloves:  A good pair of shooting gloves is advisable as your barrels are expected to get hot.

Evening Wear:  What your team wears in the evening is totally dependent on what your preferences are.

Gun Slips and Cartridge bags are not necessary as they will be provided by the lodge.

Contact Details:

If you would like to contact a member of the team to discuss Partridge shooting in Spain then please do so via one of the methods below and we will get back to you within 24 hours to talk through your requirements.

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