Plains Game Hunting in Namibia

The impressive Seydlitz Castle, with its white towers and beautiful interior, will allow you to enjoy your holiday in Namibia in style. The Castle was built in 1913 and looks out over a mountain known by the locals as Leopard Mountain. The beautiful and never-ending African savanna surrounds the whole of our estate. 

The Castle has eight luxurious, modern, and stylish double-rooms, as well as two family rooms, all with en-suite bathrooms, and includes daily laundry-service.   The Castle has won the HAN Golden Award many times since 2007, this award is only offered to the best of the best in Namibia. 

The lush garden includes a pool surrounded by palm trees, a sunbathing area. While relaxing at the pool, visitors can watch as the animals come and go from the waterhole, and enjoy the fascinating view, with a cold drink in hand, as the sun sets over the savannah. The hunter’s bar, the pool, and our veranda are always inviting, and guests are given the best service at all times. If guests want to relax indoors, the castle includes a cozy living room, a versatile library and TV-room with English, German and international channels.

For families and children there is a wide range of activities, from game drives to nature walks and sun downers, from daytrips to interesting sights near bye, to full safaris throughout Namibia, and much more.

Enjoy the familiar atmosphere and the great cuisine including home baked farm bread, smoked game, cakes, chocolate truffles and tasty game dishes all prepared on our estate, in our truly unique fusion style.

The 11,000 ha hunting area around the Castle is one of the most versatile and best areas to hunt in Namibia today. This is due to the professional and sustainable way of hunting maintained by the owners. 

Hunting is our passion, and we strive for ethical and fair hunting. We mainly stalk our game, and sometimes sit at the waterholes, game trails or at bait. In all cases we focus on a professional and personal hunt with the intention of providing you with an unforgettable hunting experience. The past decades have however shown that many Schönfeld trophies reach the medal class, and SCI-scores. For your hunt and the trophy preparation a team of qualified and experienced guides, drivers, trackers and skinners is available to ensure a smooth hunting experience for you. Quality is of the highest importance and this is why, besides ensuring the professional training for our staff, we carefully service the hunting vehicles, and take care of all the other little details, so your dream hunt does not fail because minor things.

Hunting takes place in various terrains, from stalking across plains of thorn-bush savanna, encountering herds of wildebeest, kudu, eland, roan, springbuck, impala and hartebeest, to scaling mountains in pursuit of Hartmann’s zebra, steenbok and klipspringer. 

Schönfeld has a great variety of species. Due to our sustainable way of hunting, and our conservation efforts, you will find a large number of old trophy-animals. In addition to our way of hunting, our very diverse and well-maintained area, containing bush lands, savanna, rocky areas and mountains, are the key to our good populations of plains game species. Our preferred hunting method is stalking; however, depending on the species of animal hunted, as well as the physical abilities of the hunter, we do employ other methods. We do all we can to keep the hunt fair and authentic

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