Remote and exclusive Ptarmigan and Blackcock shooting in Europe’s last remaining wilderness

There are few remaining regions in the world where you will be exposed to areas of such astounding natural beauty and wilderness as that in Lapland, northern Sweden. At Ptarmigan Lodge you will have the opportunity to explore this vast untouched area while enjoying the wonderful sport of hunting for wild Ptarmigan and Blackcock. Scarcely inhabited by only the indigenous Sami people of northern Europe your shooting holiday will be a wilderness sporting retreat like none other.

Ptarmigan Lodge is harmoniously located among its hilltop surroundings and exceptional privacy in real wilderness. The lodge is located 700 meters up the mountain above the lake Kultsjön and is surrounded by panoramic views of the majestic mountain landscape. The lodge is built as an old Swedish village with the owners’ ancestor’s hunting lodge from the 18th century as a model.

The shooting ground covers a mixture of private and state owned land covering a total area of 10 million hectares. Knowledge of where the best sport to be found is passed on by the Sami’s to the guides and hunters, ensuring guns will always be positioned with the best of local knowledge and expertise. The game keeper, who also is one of the hunting guides, is Sami and works all year around in the mountains, with reindeer and shooting. The shooting season is split as follows:

Summer and autumn season – walked up shooting over pointers: From mid – August until early November the quarry hunted is the Ptarmigan. The days shooting will be walked up with the birds flushed over pointers. The pointers that are used are amongst the best-trained in Sweden, handpicked from the Swedish national test, the “Riks-test”, and their handlers as dedicated as they are skilled. Due to the vast areas covered guns are transferred to and from the hunting areas by helicopter.

Winter season – stalked Ptarmigan: Although to most Europeans the concept of stalked bird shooting with rifles might seem a foreign concept, it is as exciting as it is adventurous. The area will be blanketed in snow and consequently access to the shooting area is by snow scooters, the actual stalk taking place on skis. The ptarmigan will be dressed in its winter colours and suitably camouflaged amidst the surroundings. Sitting high up in trees the ptarmigan are highly alert and very quick. You will need to employ your best stalking skills just to take a shot.

The Ptarmigan Lodge was meticulously designed and built over the last seven years to the standard that it is in today. Located on top of one of the valleys the lodge has a stunning view through the pine trees and across the lake Kultsjön below. All the buildings have been constructed in a traditional Nordic style and are in keeping with the surrounding area. The lodging is broken down into six purpose built log cabins: Three accommodation cabins, office and gun cabin with showers, a sauna cabin and the main living area which is considered to be the largest hand – timbered log cabin in Sweden (the timber is between 400 and 600 years old). The lodge, whilst capable of catering for small groups, can sleep up to 20 guests in a selection of twin and double bedrooms. The main accommodation house is broken down into a spacious dining area and the drawing room/library, both of which are tastefully decorated with trophies from previous hunts. During the summer and autumn seasons, the days are rounded up with traditional Scandinavian sauna bath with a dip in the plunge pool, fed by one of the local streams, alongside the sauna.

At the lodge you will be catered by a friendly, local team of four Swedish ladies who will provide top quality catering as well as looking after all the household needs. In the field you will be guided by some of Sweden’s leading dog handlers with dogs of equal calibre. The guides have an excellent knowledge of the local area and are in regular contact with all the local Sami’s to ensure they have the best possible chance of finding the wild birds. Prior to each shoot the grounds are checked for availability of birds. Each pair of guns will have their own guide and dogs and given a dedicated area to ensure the ground is best covered. You will be hosted throughout your stay by a member of VT Sporting Staff.

The lodge is relaxing and the surrounding wilderness is breath-taking. This is a location not just for sportsmen but partners and families alike to enjoy nature and the outdoors.

Fishing for Trout, Arctic Char, Grayling, Perch and Pike

The rivers and lakes in the area offer some of the best trout and arctic char fishing in Northern Europe. Worthy of a trip in its own right although it also works well as a combination package with the shooting. Fly fishing, spinning and, during winter season, jigging through holes in the ice is very rewarding.


During the winter hunting period between December and March it is possible to enjoy a couple of days heli-skiing on some of the most remote skiing areas in Europe. Borgafjäll and Kittelfjäll, which are known to be the superior locations for heli-skiiing in Sweden, are located just 10 minutes away by helicopter.

Dog Sledging

During the winter month’s dog sledging is one of the most efficient and enjoyable means of transport in Lapland. It is also a thrilling way for the non-shooting members for the party to explore the truly stunning winter surroundings.

Snow Scooter Safari

Although it might be the main form of transport for the residents of this part of the world for the uninitiated it is an exciting and adrenaline packed means of exploring the surroundings.

Ptarmigan Lodge is located in Lapland, Northern Sweden, approx 120 km North West of the town Vilhelmina and 40 km from the Norwegian border. The temperature in the shooting seasons ranges from 25ºC to -30ºC, however due to the dry air it will feel warmer than expected.

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